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Welcome to DiamondeX home page.

Hello! You can find here some information about my projects and about me, my work and interests.

My projects

Currently I made only one public project - Mechounter. It is a JavaScript plugin to represent enumerable multidigit values to look and behave like mechanical counter. It is currently available only in jQuery flavor.

Short biography

My real name Ruslan Zhomir. I live in Ufa, Russia. I'd started my career as an IT teacher. Soon I'd switched to work as support specialist in companies of 1C:Franchising partner network (founded by 1C Company - software market leader in Russia). It was not the work I dream of and I'd started to find opportunity to escape to game or web development. That opportunity came up in summer of 2012. Now I'm happy to do the work that I like.

My interests

I have passionate interest in educational computer games. As a result I'm interesting in game development, web and education technologies too. I wish to find likeminded people and create innovative online educational game with a quality of AAA project or at least participate in such project to implement my ideas. I would be glad to recieve any offer on a topic to my email: ruslanjf@gmail.com

Yet I believe in a future of mankind rendered in a Holy Scriptures (mostly known as Bible). Therefore this is my favorite book. You can find more information about this and everyday benefit of reading that book and applying its advises in your life at www.jw.org. If this link forbidden by your Internet service provider than use the famous Tor browser as a workaround solution.